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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Collector's Edition North American Box Art
Some attributes
First Developer(s): Nintendo EAD
Second Publisher(s): Nintendo
Third Designer(s):

Shigeru Miyamoto: Producer/Supervisor

Takashi Tezuka: Supervisor

Eiji Aonuma: Director

Yoshiaki Koizumi: Director

Koji Kondo: Sound composer

Toru Minegishi: Sound composer

Other attributes
Fourth N64 release:

NA: October 26, 2000

JAP: April 27, 2000

EU: November 17, 2000

GCN release:

NA: November 17, 2003

JAP: November 7, 2003

EU: November 14, 2003

AUS: March 19, 2004

Wii Virtual Console release:

NA: May 18, 2009

JAP: April 7, 2009

EU: April 3, 2009

AUS: April 3, 2009

Fifth Rating(s):


PEGI: 12

ELSPA: 11+

CB: G8

USK: 6

Sixth Platform(s):

Nintendo 64


Wii Virtual Console

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